Is one of the first and most leading innovative and exclusive development and manufacturing companies in Russia, Europe and Asia. The corporation has branches and partners in different parts of the world, which gives the company a great experience to be ahead of time in the latest innovations. Turning to us you get the full cycle of implementation of your idea into reality.

BIO PHARM ECO develops and manufactures drugs, foodstuff, dietary supplements, cosmetics, beverages (all kinds), specialized therapeutic nutrition.

In addition to technologists and production facilities the company has a large staff of marketing experts who can immediately make the analysis of your idea, which will give you 100% result in the creation of your product.

Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, CPA goods

Manufacturing products to order at the manufacturer’s facilities and space in full compliance with the customer’s requirements is called contract manufacturing. In the West this type of production is flourishing, and in our country it is only gaining momentum.

Main criteria – perfect quality and individual approach

BIO PHARM ECO not only works on the development of its own products and products, but also engages in contract manufacturing for its partners.

Our experience and high technological capabilities allow us to solve problems of any complexity. We are engaged in contract manufacturing of cosmetics, Buds, pharmaceuticals, CPA products, food products, and other goods. We also offer packaging and filling services.

We do it:

We do everything – from product development to full production cycle. The main criteria of the company – perfect product quality and individual approach to each client. We guarantee a creative approach to any task and competitive prices. Production is equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers.

We carry out contract manufacturing of dietary supplements, CPA goods, cosmetics and medicines. We offer a full range of services under the customer’s brand name. The ability to diversify the range of products allows our customers to earn money.

We are ready to offer you services for the production, packaging and packaging of goods to be produced under the brand name of your company.

We carry out:

  • Consultation on the creation of a new product (brand development).
  • We select and develop original formulations of dietary supplements, medicines and cosmetic products.
  • We create an original look and design of the package.
  • We work out any batches – from minimum to maximum.
  • We work on modern equipment of high quality.
  • We carry out exclusive orders.
  • If necessary, we provide storage.
  • We have our own logistics (we deliver goods to any part of Russia and the CIS).

Contract manufacturing – the solution to all problems

Fulfilling our commitment to our customers means that we take care of all the problems associated with production. We take into account the product vision, ideas and wishes of the customer, and the rest is “handled” by our specialists.

We develop and produce products, develop the necessary technical documentation. We think about the design of packaging and strictly observe the conditions of storage of finished products.

Contract manufacturing allows small companies that do not have the necessary equipment, production facilities and warehouses for storing finished products to offer consumers products made under their own brand.

This gives us the opportunity to develop, expand the range of products, introduce our own brands and occupy a leading position in the global market.

Our company fulfills all orders quickly and efficiently.